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Kanpachi Auto Salon - Spoon 30th Anniversary  

Kanpachi Auto Salon (January 2018)
Spoon Sports 30th Anniversary at TYPE ONE

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - The Hondas  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 1: The Hondas (January 2018)
If you're in Tokyo in the middle of the Japanese Winter, you're either there to go snowboarding, or for Tokyo Auto Salon.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - NSX (NC1) + S660 (JW5)  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 2: NSX and S660's (January 2018)
The 30th Tokyo Auto Salon.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - FK8  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 3: 10th Generation Civics (January 2018)
Where are the FK8's you ask ? Well, we were at TAS to capture the first offereings from the Japanese Tuners from mild to wild and considering the new Civic had only been available in Japan since early December 2017, it was incredible to see how the aftermarket has taken to the new platform.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - The Non-Hondas  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 4: The Non-Hondas (January 2018)
Although we were there purely for the Hondas, with the plethora of amazing vehicles on display from all marques, of course we took photos of the cars that grabbed our attention as we flew up and down the aisles.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - Super GT (GT500 + GT300)  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 5: Super-GT Cars (January 2018)
The 30th Tokyo Auto Salon.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 - BH Auction  

Toyko Auto Salon, Part 6: BH-Auction (January 2018)
The 30th Tokyo Auto Salon.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2007  

Toyko Auto Salon (Flashback, January 2007) *COMING SOON*
The 19th Tokyo Auto Salon.

Type One (2007)  

Type One (Flashback, January 2007) *COMING SOON*
Our first trip to Japan back in 2007, some old-gold cars at Spoon's Type One Speed Shop.

Super-GT, Fuji Sprint Cup (2012)  

Super-GT, Fuji Speedway(2012) *COMING SOON*
The 19th Tokyo Auto Salon.

Honda Collection Hall (2012)  

Honda Collection Hall (2012) *COMING SOON*
It's essential that every Honda Fan that travels to Japan must visit the Honda Museum in Motegi at leastonce in their lifetime.

Type One (2012)  

Type One (2012) *COMING SOON*
What's on the showroom floor at Type One this visit...

Type One (2013)  

Type One (2013) *COMING SOON*
We were here for battle, but stopped by Type One to see what's going down.

Super Taikyu 3-Hour Race, Suzuka  

Super Taikyu, Suzuka 3-Hour Race (2015) *COMING SOON*
We travel with Team Spoon to the famous Suzuka F1 Circuit for a 3-Hour Endurance Race.

Type One (2015) Spoon NSX-GT, SPOON EG6  

Type One (2015) *COMING SOON*
The mighty Spoon NSX-GT, Spoon EG6 and the brand new Spoon K20A-Fit (GK5) on display at Type One.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015  

Tokyo Motor Show (2015) *COMING SOON*
We fly over to Japan for the Tokyo Motor Show armed with Press Passes for full-access to one of the largest Auto-Shows in the world and get to meet the New NSX (NC1) and the Civic Type R (FK2) for the first time.


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