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SW388 15x6.5 +35

■ 'Gaijin' is Japanese for an 'outsider' or 'foreigner', that is someone who wasnt born in Japan - so we are your direct link for anyone living outside of Japan or 'gaijins' hence our name Gaijin-Garage. Our focus is to bring you the best customer-focussed service possible as you may experience in Japan

■ With over 20 years experience with Hondas, and over 25 years working with Japanese cars, we only offer you our recommendation based on personal experience, or in consultation with Spoon-Sports / Type One or Seeker directly

■ Gaijin-Garage was appointed as Official Spoon Dealer in 2013 after having a relationship with Spoon-Sports since 2007

■ Gaijin-Garage are a subsidary of Twerp Racing Industries (ABN 53 242 694 315) established in 2003

■ Spoon Sports Australia

■ Desmond Wheels Australia 

#95 Spoon Race Car News
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