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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions in relation to Spoon products and services as well as how to place your order with Gaijin-Garage etc.
Please see a list of common questions from our Customers below - if you can't find what you're after, please send us an Email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How do I place an order with Gaijin-Garage ?
■ Please send us an email with the items you are interested in and please include your vehicle details (chassis, year, engine code etc.) and your postcode, and we'll reply as soon as possible. It's really simple, we'll talk to you about your actual requirments and recommend the best solutions for your specific application. We then confirm parts availability and work out the best shipping options and pricing. Once you're happy and want to go ahead, we'll send you an invoice with Bank Transfer* or PayPal details. Bank Transfers normaly clear into our account within 2-4 Days, PayPal clears instantly (if your PayPal is linked to a credit or debit card) and your order will be placed once funds have been received.

* Bank Transfer only available for Customers with Australian Bank Accounts - International Customers must use PayPal.

Why doesn't Gaijin-Garage have an Online Store ?
■ Anyone can click on a website and order a part but is that part the right one for your vehicle and personal requirements ?
Gaijin-Garage prefers to talk to our customers about their actual needs and requirements and discuss finding the right parts for your car.
We'll ensure the correct part is supplied for your specific application and will only recommend purchase of parts that are actually going to provide the intended benefits rather than just push whatever items we carry in stock at the moment.
We offer this personalised service as part of the complete customer experience that is dealing with a representative of Spoon-Sports and our other partners.

Why should I buy through a Spoon Official Dealer ?
■ Buy with confidence with all parts supplied by Gaijin-Garage being CERTIFIED 100% GENUINE, sourced directly from Spoon, Seeker and Honda Japan - no middle-man, no grey importers etc.
■ Spoon Official Dealers offer a complete customer service experience from consultation to product support and customer service.

I live outside of Australia / New Zealand / Indonesia, can I order through Gaijin-Garage ?
■ Gaijin-Garage are the sole Official Dealer for Spoon-Sports / Rigid Collar® in Australia / New Zealand / Indonesia.
If you live in another country, please see the list of SPOON SPORTS OFFICIAL DEALERS to find the official dealer for your region or please ask us if you are not sure.
■ For Seeker and other brands, we can ship to anywhere in the world.

What are 'Discontinued parts' ?
■ Discontinued parts mean the items are no longer in production and/or available from the manufacturer.
■ Discontinued parts are included in our product catalogue as a point of reference for collectors and to remind you that nothing lasts forever, especially with most popular Honda models being quite old now, many parts for these early models are being discontinued as a result of low domestic demand in Japan, or production / manufacturing having ceased.
■ If there's a part you've had your eye on for a few years, it's best to jump on it now while it's still available as once it's gone, it's gone.

Can I have my car 'Spoon Certified' ?
'■ Spoon Certification' was a marketing exercise by ex-USA Spoon Dealer (Opak Racing) and the scheme was not in any way authorized or associated with Spoon Co, Ltd (Japan). Opak Racing issued their own personalised certificates with the numbered plaque to match however this has not been linked to any actual database of vehicle/owner/specification and holds no actual accreditation or affiliation. Spoon Japan does use a numbered plaque system of identification on vehicles built by Type One.
■ In rare and special circumstances, Spoon may offer an honorary numbered plaque to selected vehicles that meet their approval however this is not available on request.

Are Spoon parts just OEM parts ?
■ OEM is a term given to 'Original Equipment Manufacturers' which means that a manufacturer officially supplies components for a vehicle manufacturer (Honda for example) as an original part to meet the vehicle manufacturer's specification. For a component manufacturer to supply to an OEM capacity, they must meet strict standards and be able to warrant their product for the recommended service intervals of the vehicle up to 100,000kms - this means any 'OEM' Manufacturer meets the highest of standards of manufacture.
■ Many Japanese aftermarket brands utilise the same component manufacturers as the vehicle manufacturers and specific aftermarket parts are made to the specification of the client, so an item may have the same OEM manufacturer, but the item is made to Spoon speciffication.
■ Certain components may be either manufactured by Honda Motor Co, Ltd. to Spoon's specification, and in addition, some components manufactured by Honda Motor Co, ltd. may be modified by Spoon to their own specification.


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