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■ Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 Honda S660 and NSX PRESS-DAY 11th January 2018

There were certainly plenty of Honda's NSX Supercar on display at TAS, and mixed in on the floor were just as many, if not more, of the little Kei car from Honda on show also !

MODULO X-Concept JW5
The Modulo-package S660 for some unknown reason, won an award for the Custom Car Competition in the Kei Car class... yes it's nice and tidy, but compared to the other S660's at TAS, this thing didn't rate very high in our books.
HKS Honda S660 JW5
HKS have released a LOT of performance gear for the S660, including their GT100R Turbine Package, Racing Suction Kit, Intercooler, oil Cooler and Super SQV4 (BOV) giving this little Kei roadster ~105PS which is a huge jump from the 64PS it had when it rolled off the Honda production line.
Riding low and stiff on HKS Hipermax Coilovers of course.
Kansai Service Honda S660 JW5
Kansai Service had not one but two white Honda S660's on display with this version rocking the LB-Performance NSX-style front bar to complete the mini-NSX look... I had to actually double take as to which front bar was standard because it looked so natural there.
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
Kansai Service S660 JW5
Both Kansai Service S660's had Advan RG-D2 Wheels - this one with a gold centre and the previous car (above) with a black centre. This one has a HKS GT100R Turbo upgrade giving this S660 ~100PS which may not sound like much, but that is around a 50% increase in power !!
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
Boutique Japanese Composites Company Esqueleto has gone all-out with their S660 with a full Kit, S660 specific Seats and even the wild 'chon-mage' roof scoop to feed cold air (and unlucky squirrels, birds etc.) into the 660cc Turbocharged 3 Cylinder. The Premium Beach Blue Pearl colour is certainly my favourite on offer from Honda for the S660.
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
Rowen had this stunning S660 on display, wearing their Lip/Skirt Kit and new Exhaust system also. The gloss black 15" Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin SW005 rims are the same as seen on Spoon's S660.
Spice exhibited a somewhat tamer S660 compared to their 2017 TAS car but the Matte-Purple Wrap stood out from across the hall !
Work S1 rims (also in a matte finish) add a nice old-school touch.
We're not so sure if the giant swan-neck style Wing iis required but who knows how much power the 660cc 3-cylinder is putting down but you'll notice there are 4 exhaust tips - that's 1.33 tips per cylinder - take that FK8 with your 3 tips.
We sneaked past the security on the doors of the last hall (after closing time) and managed to run around and snap a few photos of the Hondas in the last hall.. Honda's Modulo booth had this K4-GP (Race series for Kei Cars) Racer Concept S660 but by this time my camera batteries had all been exhausted (and the photographer!) so I only managed the one shot on my phone but you can see the wild Aero with the emphasis on the windscreen-delete and Giant GT-Wing.
Top Fuel had a pair of S660's on display, we only spotted these after close time so we only snapped this shot as we ran past.
The Aireal Auto Works S660 was in the Liberty Walk booth and also featured the LB-Performance NSX-style front bar. Next to a Hakosuka, the S660 looked like it was a visitor from the future.
Another LB-Performance equipped S660, this one slammed on airbags with Frontline 3-piece wheels in Gold.
This JW5 was parked next to it's big-brother NC1 (NSX) in matching attire and both in Valencia Red Pearl which is a standard colour for the NSX but not the S660.
Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 Honda NSX NC1 PRESS-DAY Friday 11th January 2018

It seems the 2nd generation NSX hasn't taken off in the Tuner scene, at least not here in Australia - mainly due to the extreme pricetag attached to Honda's SH-AWD V6 Twin turbo Hybrid Supercar, but they are definitely gaining momentum in Japan with what seemed like every 2nd booth having an NC1 on display - we're certainly not complaining as they have elevated the rather bland and 'disappointing' 2nd generation NSX into something that finally lives up to the name !
We wanted to put this one straight after the LB Performance S660's for obvious reasons.
Liberty Walk's NC1 was, of course, on AirRex Air Suspension and with the LB Performance Splitter and Wing, transforms the quite plain NC1 into a scary demon from hell !!
Kansai Service NSX NC1
With a cleaner theme from Kansai Service (HKS) we have this wingless '130R White' NC1 featuring Advan Racing GT Rims in Hyper Black with a staggered 20x9" (Front) and 21x12" (Rear) wearing Continental Sport Contact 255/30 and 325/25 ZR rubber. It shows you that all the 2nd Generation NSX needs is a serious drop and the right set of wheels to really pop. We love how Honda named this colour code after the infamous '130R' corner at Suzuka!

DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)

DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
Racing Factory Yamamoto (aka RFY) were sharing a booth with C.S.Ohara but their red NSX jumped out at us and slapped us in the face as we walked past. We only saw this one first-generation NSX on display but perhaps we missed any others at TAS this time round.
The Autobacs Racing Team Aguri booth had this street-version NC1 along side of their Super GT racecar. The trademark ARTA-Orange pin-striping over the Berlina Black paint reminded us of KITT from the 1980's TV series Knightrider.

Honda's GT3 Customer Racing Program have their 'Ready-to-Race' package available for 2018 with their JAS-Motorsport prepared vehicles. Chassis and engine are manufactured in Honda's Ohio (USA) plant before being shipped to JAS Motorsport in Italy.

The GT3 is now eligible to race in over 20 FIA-sanctioned race series including the Australian GT Championship (!!!) and even Super-GT (GT300) in Japan - so if you're think you have room in your garage for one of these, they are sold through HPD (Honda Performance Development) in the United States, JAS Motorsport in Europe, Mugen in Japan and I'm sure Gaijin-Garage can hook you up with one if you're in Oceania for about ~$750,000 AUD (plus shipping and taxes etc.).


The GT3 runs a production-engine based 3.5L V6 Twin (mono-scroll) Turbocharched, DOHC, VTC, direct injection with dry-sump, driving the rear wheels via a 6-speed XTRAC sequential transmission and weighs in at only 1,210kgs - about the same as an EG Civic Hatchback !
Yokohama Slicks huge the 18x12" OZ Racing forged aluminium wheels on the front and 18x13" on the rear. Stopping power consists of Brembo 6-piston calipers with 390mm on the fronts and 4-piston Brembos with 355mm rotors on the rear.

SPOON-SPORTS NSX-R GT version 2007 NA2
While not in the main exhibition space, Spoon's NSX-GT was across the opposite side of the Lobby in the middle of the arena to go under the hammer at the BH Auction. Anyone from TAS could view the auction from the grandstands but we had to apply for special passes to enter the floor of the auction to get up close to the cars up for grabs. To see the other cars from the auction, and find out how much the NSX sold for, please check out our article HERE.

DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
The Spoon Aero Mirrors balance out the menacing look of the car from the 'Chon Mage' Roof Scoop.
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
You don't want to know the Retail on this piece from Honda !
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
The cockpit is typically spartan with the roll cage and full Carbon Dashboard, of course Spoon Steering wheel there for the driver to hold on to while they are pushed back into the Spoon Carbon Bucket Seat.
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
The NSX was purpose-built for the Macau Grand Prix in the PRC so perhaps this 08808 build plaque is no coincidence.
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)
DATSUN Fairlady 2000 (1967)

There's more NSX's to drool over in our TAS2018 - Super GT Racecar article...

And then to continue on reading... Toyko Auto Salon, Part 3: 10th Generation Civics


Bede Grainger


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