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■ Prices listed are in AUD - Gaijin-Garage can only accept payment in the form of AUD (Australia Dollars).
■We accept payment via direct bank transfer (from Australian bank accounts) or PayPal for international orders. Unfortunately, we can not accept cash payment.
■ Item pricing correct as at August 1st, 2016 (nominal exchange rate of 78.00JPY/1AUD). Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Gaijin-Garage aims to bring you the Spoon Sports and Seeker product ranges at the best possible prices however, increases of the cost of business, fluctuations in exchange rates, changes to shipping and manufacturing costs, taxes and duties applied (and other factors beyond our control) may result in price changes. When possible, Gaijin-Garage will try to absorb these costs and attempt to avoid passing them on to the Customer. Gaijin-Garage will inform the Customer of any change in price prior to finalising any orders or shipment.
■ Items that have been hand-delivered or picked up by the Customer are still subject to shipping charges and relevant taxes.
■ International Orders are exempt from GST (Australian sales tax) however any taxes or duties incurred at the Cutomer's destination country are the responsibility of the Customer. Goods received into Australia may be subject to taxes and duty on entry to Australia - these fees may apply to international orders however sales-tax on the purchase itself is exempt.
■ Products and accessories are for motorsport or 'off-road' use only - however many parts are suitable for on-road use. Gaijin-Garage are not responsible for any issues related to use of our products on-road - it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure their vehicle meets any specific rules and regulations for on-road use in your home state or territory. Certain products are for race-use only and we do not recommend use of these items on the street, use of these items at your own risk.
■ Gaijin-Garage are not responsible for any typographical errors in product pricing or technical specifications (etc.) listed on this website or on any other material.
■ Product descriptions have been translated from Japanese, some descriptions may be a direct software translation - please contact us for any clarification.
■ Product specifications subject to change without notice. From time to time, parts are superseeded and/or redesigned; also changes in manufacturing process and base materials may occur.
■ Discontinued parts listed for reference purposes only - These parts are no longer in production and therefore not available for purchase.
■ Parts should only be installed by qualified professionals or experienced and competant individuals - Gaijin-Garage accepts no liability for the improper installation of parts or accessories by novice or amateur mechanics (etc.).
■ Motorsport is dangerous! Always undertake any performance driving in the safest of circumstances in a controlled environment and do not take any unecessary risks. Please follow and obey all road rules / laws when driving on the street and be a safe and considerate driver at all times. Always take appropriate measures to ensure your own safety and avoid putting at risk the safety of others.
■ Most importantly, always have fun and enjoy driving your Honda!


■ Gaijin-Garage aims to bring you the Spoon Sports and Seeker product ranges at the best possible prices however, increases of the cost of business, fluctuations in exchange rates, changes to shipping and manufacturing costs, taxes and duties applied (and other factors beyond our control) may result in price changes. When possible, Gaijin-Garage will try to absorb these costs and attempt to avoid passing them on to the Customer. Gaijin-Garage will inform the Customer of any change in price prior to finalizing any orders or shipment.
■ Prices listed are in AUD - Gaijin-Garage can only accept payment in the form of AUD (Australia Dollars). Any payments received in foreign currency will be refunded less any relative bank fees.
■ All orders must be paid in full at time of purchase - We accept payment via direct bank transfer (from Australian bank accounts) or PayPal for international orders. We can not accept cash payment.
■ Prices listed on our website are the item price - does not include shipping / handling or relevant taxes.
■ Prices are subject to the current exchange rate at time of invoice, subject to change without notice and are effective immediately. Prices may have changed since item addition and may be different than listed due to fluctuating exchange rates for imported products and changes in shipping and handling costs.
■ Invoiced prices are valid for 14 days past their issue date - after this time, Gaijin-Garage will need to re-calculate the item and shipping prices at the current exchange rate and the Customer will be responsible for any shortfall in this amount.
■ A quote or invoice is not a commitment to buy; an ‘order’ is only active once the Customer has made payment of the invoice - once funds have been received, it is then a commitment to the purchase and acknowledgment of all terms and conditions featured on your invoice (PDF) and also at our website.
■ Deposits; by nature a ‘Deposit’ is a commitment to purchase from the Customer to the Vendor - If the Customer decides to cancel their order for ANY reason, they will receive Store Credit for the full amount, or incur a 20% Cancellation Fee if any refund is issued.
■ 10.00% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applied for all sales within Australia and Customs Duty / Tax / Import Declaration Fees may be applicable to some items.
■ PayPal / eBay orders will only be shipped to the listed billing addresses or secondary shipping address listed on PayPal account, unless you receive prior approval to ship to an alternative address.
■ International orders must be paid by Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer - International customers are required to pay all bank fees associated with transactions. International customers are also responsible for all fees, duties, and/or taxes applied by their respective countries.

■ Special Order items require payment in full prior to order being placed. Special Order items (items not normally held in stock) require 4-8 weeks for delivery or otherwise advised. This DOES NOT include the time it takes for manufacturers to produce made-to-order items. Manufacturing times may take 2-6 weeks or otherwise advised.
■ Certain parts are made-to-order or limited to periodic production runs - Customers will be notified prior to placing any order.

■ Special Order items are NON-REFUNDABLE unless there is a mistake or production issue on our part.

■ Out of stock items will be shipped within 48 hours after the item(s) is returned to stock. Items may be pre-ordered to ensure immediate shipment once the item(s) return to stock. Payment in full is required for all pre-orders. Wait time is subject to change and can range from 2-8 weeks or otherwise quoted. Some items are made to order and may take longer however this will be communicated with the Customer and will have the option to cancell the order within 48 hours of being notified of the delay. A 25% cancellation fee will be applied to all orders that are canceled before delivery. Gaijin-Garage will make every effort to Ship the item to the customer as soon as possible after payment has been recieved.

■ The Customer will be informed if any item is on Backorder and given the opportunity to cancel their order (within 48 hours of Notification) with full refund; If the Backorder is then placed, there is no opportunity to cancel the order before the goods are shipped out.
■ If an item on Backorder is then Discontinued, the Customer is entitled to a refund in full.

■ In-stock items are usually shipped within 2 business days. Items may not ship via the method indicated during checkout due to carrier restriction. Indicated weights include dimensional weights and may not represent the actual scaled weight of the package. Items are carefully packaged by the staff at Gaijin-Garage. However, on rare occasions, items may be damaged during transit. Please inspect all packages immediately upon delivery. Do not sign delivery receipts until all packages have been inspected. In the event that damage does occur, physically write “damaged” on the delivery receipt and have the delivery person sign it as verification. Retain all boxes and other packaging material because the package may be subject to inspection by the carrier. Contact Gaijin-Garage within 24 hours to file a claim request. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a denial for a damage claim.

■ ALL goods imported into Australia are subject to Customs clearance before release to any postal service or carrier. For all shipments passing through Customs that are valued over $1,000.00 AUD are subject to Customs Duty of 5% (on the Value of the Goods including Shipping Costs), plus GST (at 10% of the Value of the Goods including Shipping and Duty), plus a nominal Import Declaration Fee.
■ Gaijin-Garage will take into account these fees and taxes when quoting; Please be aware that ALL goods coming into the country are subject to these fees and taxes regardless of origin.
■ If items are sent directly to the Customer from our suppiers, the Customer will be responsible for these fees and taxes. Under certain circumstances, the Customer may be entitled to a refund of GST (they have paid to Customs) against the GST Collected by Gaijin-Garage (on behalf of the ATO) when sufficient proof of payment is provided.
■ Customs Notifications to their client (Gaijin-Garage) can take up to 10 days for a traditional mail notification to be received, this is outside of Gaijin-Garage's control and we will act as fast as possible to have the goods be released from Customs in a timely manner. Any subsequent delays will be comunicated to our customer as soon as we are made aware.

■ All products sold by Gaijin-Garage are sold “as is” to the customer. Products are inspected for damage or any inconsistency prior to shipping. Please inspect any item prior to destroying / discarding packaging and before parts are installed to the vehicle.
■ Any damage or loss in transit is at risk of the Customer - Gaijin-Garage will offer shipping insurance when available from the Carrier. Gaijin-Garage does not offer warranty on any of the products sold. If warranty is offered by the manufacturer, warranty documentation will be sent with the product. All products sold by Gaijin-Garage are aftermarket products and are intended for off-road or show use only.
■ Gaijin-Garage is not liable for any damages or injury as a result of these products. Due to strict regulations by the Department of Transportation, some products are not approved for street/highway use. Removal of reinforcements, bumpers, turn signals, and other safety equipment (including airbags) on the vehicle is the responsibility of the Customer. Gaijin-Garage will not be held responsible for the Customers’ actions.

■ Gaijin-Garage values our customers and try to ensure customer satisfaction. Items are eligible for a refund or exchange within 14 days after receipt of the item. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee applied at the discretion of Gaijin-Garage. No returns are accepted on Special Orders and International Orders.
■ Returned items must be returned in unused and unaltered condition in their original packaging. All returns must first be authorized and approved by Gaijin-Garage and require a return authorization advice - Please contact Gaijin-Garage for return instructions prior to sending items back.
■ Customer must pay for all return shipping costs and original shipping fees are non-refundable. Items must be received 14 days after the RMA number is issued. Please insure returned items are properly packaged for shipping. Refunds will not be issued on items that are damaged during return shipping to Gaijin-Garage.
■ Failure to comply with this return policy will result in a refusal of the shipment and will be returned to customer at his/her own expense.

■ Gaijin-Garage will discuss your specifications / requirements and will make recommendations as to the most appropriate part for your application however the Customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring they have selected the right product. When possible, Gaijin-Garage will work with our customer to exchange the item however please refer to our Returns poilicy and Special Orders policy.
■ Gaijin-Garage sources parts specifically designed for vehicles that are availble in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). These JDM models may have differences to vehicles sold outside of Japan, even with seemingly the same specification. Differences between Australian (AUSDM), United States (USDM), European (EDM), Thailand (TDM) etc. are often minor but this may prevent installation of products or may require modification of components.

■ The Customer must provide accurate information in relation to the specification of their vehicle in order for Gaijin-Garage to make their best recommendation. Gaijin-Garage is not responsible for past alterations made to the customer's vehicle that may have changed from factory specification. For example, DC2 Integra Hubs on an EK4 Civic may be compatible but the original vehicle specification has changed and may affect parts recommendation.

■ All installations must be performed by experienced professionals only. We are not responsible for any damages occurred during installation. All sales are final after installation. Aftermarket products should be installed with caution. Performance parts should only be installed by experienced professional mechanics.
■ Due to the material used in the production of fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fiber parts may not be a direct bolt-on. These items may require prepping, sanding, shaving, filling gaps, cutting, or other procedures. These modifications may include removal or cutting of the reinforcement bars. Aftermarket body parts are to be secured properly with the use of extra safety precautions such as hood pins or additional fasteners.
■ By complying with our policies, the customer understands the procedure and possible difficulty in installing aftermarket parts. We highly recommend that a professional with aftermarket automotive experience perform installations and tuning.
■ Gaijin-Garage is not responsible for damages or bodily injuries caused by improper installation of products.

■ In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical error or error in pricing with product information received from our suppliers, Gaijin-Garage reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged.
■ If you find any typographical errors or any other problems with general navigation or function of our website, please inform us as soon as possible.

■ Spoon-Sports, Rigid Collar, Type One logos, imagery and branding are used with permission from Spoon Co, Ltd.
■ Seeker imagery and branding are used with permission from Seeker Co, Ltd.
■ Honda, Modulo and Access logos and images used with good faith as a customer to Honda Motor Co, Ltd. (Japan).
■ Original photography, design, advertising and marketing material created by Gaijin-Garage is subject to Copyright and may not ber reproduced in any form without prior written consent.
■ Spoon-Sports, Rigid Collar, Type One logos, imagery and branding are used with permission from Spoon Co. Ltd.
■ Product photos are for illustrative / reference purposes only - actual product may have some visual difference from the catalogue image. Some products do not have a catalogue image available and therefore substitute images of part from a similar model has been used - any difference would be minimal and would not affect general representation of the product in the catalogue


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